Saturday, August 18, 2012

Author Arthur Schnitzler

I'm reading an exquisite book by Arthur Schnitzler called Berta Garlan.
He is a well-know Viennese writer from the late 19th century. His writing is still fresh and alive. His books have been adapted into a lot of movies, most recently being Eyes Wide Shut.
His work is available in the public domain so you can download this book now.
A friend of mine, Peter Schnitzler (Grandson) is hosting an event at the Getty on Sept. 9 at 4pm.
I'm reading this book and have reserved my tickets (free) for the Getty event.
Highly recommended

Monday, March 12, 2012

SXSW in the Open Domain

All the free/legal music available from SXSW available to download in two big files.
This will take care of my music fix for the next month or two.

Since 2005 SXSW organizers have been making individual songs from emerging artists available to download on the music site, and every year a devoted music fan at SXSWTorrent has been cataloging them all and releasing them as a two-part free BitTorrent download.